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The GPAD experience

Live presentations on new and upcoming equipment and software enhancements from industry leaders with question and answer sessions.

Table-top displays of all sponsor companies during the breaks for additional and more detailed information - directly from the specialists.

Networking and idea sharing with the top executives of other glass processing companies and suppliers.

Nighttime events including a cocktail reception overlooking the historic Alamo

Cocktail Reception Overlooking the Alamo

Join us as night falls for an evening of cocktails and appetizers at the best kept secret in San Antonio – La Vista Terrace.

This unique venue provides a view of twinkling city lights, a rare inspiring, illuminated view of the Alamo and grounds, and a birds eye view of the San Antonio Skyline.

Event organized by Ohio based FeneTech Inc.

GPAD is presented by FeneTech, Inc., developer of FeneVision MAX ERP software with offices in Ohio and Luxembourg and more than 200 installations globally. For over 15 years, FeneTech has delivered and maintained integrated software tools that have enabled glass processors and window and door manufacturers to outshine their competition. Learn more at

Sponsor Profiles



FeneTech, Inc. develops and markets the industry's leading software ERP system FeneVision MAX ERP for glass processing companies, providing implementation, training, and support services. FeneTech was honored in 2011 as the Best Emerging Technology Company in northeast Ohio and was a recipient of the US Glass Magazines Readers Choice Award for software in 2014. FeneTech, formed in 1996, serves an emerging worldwide customer base with offices in Ohio and Luxembourg.

IGE Glass Technologies

IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. is North America's leading, single source for glass fabrication equipment, service, tooling, parts, laminating materials and general glass supplies. IGE searches the world over for cutting edge technology that reduces labor, handling and waste, while increasing customer production and profits. Since 1993, IGE has excelled in reaching their goals of sourcing and promoting products that meet our most stringent qualifications.


LandGlass is a high-tech manufacturer of top quality glass tempering furnaces. Their "Jet Convection" full convection furnaces are known as the current state-of-the-art tempering furnaces for high performance coated glass. Also known for many "firsts" in the industry (among them, the first bi-directional flat and bending furnace), Landglass is headquartered in Luoyang, China.  Landglass' new 2 million square foot facility will also be manufacturing a revolutionary new product to be revealed at GPAD.



Dip-Tech is the world's only provider of digital in-glass printing solutions that combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility and quality of digital printing. Dip-Tech's unique ceramic digital glass printing technology provides an unmatched and field-proven solution for all exterior and interior glass printing applications.


Forvet, a highly specialized CNC equipment manufacturer located near Torino, Italy.  Known as the "Blue Solution" based upon their unique blue colored machines, Forvet has become one of the best-known manufacturers for innovation, automation and integration. From the well known and popular "Francesca 1250" model through the "Chiara" polishing lines and the "GameChangers", Forvet has been providing revolutionary solutions that continue to amaze to the glass industry for well over 20 years. Forvet will be announcing their newest line of equipment for a completely automated pre-processing line at this year's GPAD.


Since 1985, Turomas-Tecnocat has been manufacturing heavy duty, innovative glass handling systems and cutting lines. Focused on a high level of automation, Turomas-Tecnocat has become the industry leader for all levels of glass cutting and glass handling. With a strong focus on use of the highest quality materials along with the latest electronic technology, Turomas-Tecnocat has achieved a reputation for reliability, automation and innovation.

Diamon-Fusion International (DFI)

Founded in 1997, California-based Diamon-Fusion International (DFI Nanotechnology) manufactures hydrophobic protective coatings and ultra-efficient machinery applications systems. DFI distributes a variety of products designed for the restoration, protection, and maintenance of glass, granite, ceramic tile, porcelain, and stainless steel surfaces, whether applied in the factory, shop, or field. DFI has locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


SoftSolution, represented by FeneTech in North America is an industry leader in the innovative development of digital image processing, measuring systems, and size and surface quality control systems for glass. This system is currently the most innovative and accurate technology of its kind on the world market - high performance scanning technology combined with powerful software.

Creative Resins

Founded in England in 1979, Creative Resins has focused on developing cutting edge formulas and equipment for painted glass. With a high worldwide demand for automatic glass painting, Creative Resins partnered with a Spanish manufacturer and developed a high production back-paint line to compliment their custom resin products. The result of the partnership is equipment and resins working together producing the highest quality products utilizing state of the art technology.

Beijing Hanjiang Automatic Glass

Hanjiang is a world leader in the manufacturing of super high quality automated insulated glass equipment. In just ten years time, Hanjiang has placed thousands of complex automated IG lines in over 60 countries. Now Hanjiang is excited to announce their new automatic seaming line, capable of seaming 3 millimeter to 19 millimeter glass at high speeds with perfect quality, utilizing diamond wheels and no sanding belts.

Techni Waterjet

Headquartered in the "land down under," TECHNI Waterjet manufactures high-quality automated waterjet systems for the worldwide glass industry. With manufacturing facilities now in the United States, TECHNI has developed an outstanding reputation for innovation, automation, reliability and top service and parts availability. The "Glassmaster" model has been designed specifically for the very tough abrasive waterjet environment. It uses a minimum of moving parts, which have been manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. This ensures the ongoing reliability of the TECHNI machines for many years to come.

Vitrosep, S.L.

Since 1992, Vitrosep, headquartered in Spain, has focused exclusively on the treatment of glass fabrication recycled water. Known for producing the first truly automatic system, Vitrosep has introduced a truly innovative solution that meets the toughest goals such as, true automation, super clean recycled water with no caustic additives and very low maintenance costs. The recycled water is so clean that it is capable of running through spindles without voiding warranty of CNC work stations and CNC drills. Additionally, the grinds are completely dry when they are separated, which will please even the strictest environmentalist. This solution is not a centrifuge, and not a filter press but a unique, innovative system with no moving parts...solving one of the glass fabricator's biggest challenges today.


EVguard is a cross-linking EVA film manufactured in Germany by Folienwerk-Wolfen one of the world's leading specialists in multi-layer extrusion technology. This film has been specially designed for the glass Industry for internal and external use and can be manufactured using any existing laminating equipment.  Its strength, elasticity, clarity and durability set it apart from the competition and will challenge any of its rivals. Using evguard in combination with our own manufactured MPE films will give superior advantage in the manufacture of high performance products.

Denver SpA

Manufactured in San Marino Italy, Denver has specialized in CNC work centers for over two decades. By focusing in this concentrated area of glass machinery, Denver has been producing the most reliable glass CNC glass fabrication equipment. Recently, Denver has developed a revolutionary new design for vertical glass polishing. With a strong focus on automation and innovation, Denver has developed into the world leader for fresh new thinking in the glass industry.

All sponsor companies will show presentations of their latest innovations and talk about automation and how all this technology can be integrated with modern software technology.

Detailed seminar program will follow soon – so come back and visit us again.

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