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The GPAD experience

Live presentations on new and upcoming equipment and software enhancements from industry leaders with question and answer sessions.

Table-top displays of all sponsor companies during the breaks for additional and more detailed information - directly from the specialists.

Networking and idea sharing with the top executives of other glass processing companies and suppliers.

Nighttime events including a dinner cruise on beautiful San Diego Bay

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Selkowitz, an internationally recognized American building scientist and a leading researcher of energy efficiency in building envelopes, will explore the gap between today's standard practice using minimally code-compliant glazing, and the performance of "best available" technologies both on the market today as well as emerging solutions. Mr. Selkowitz recently retired from his position as a senior advisor for building science at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he led research at Berkeley Lab to reduce the amount of heat transfer through windows. He is well known for his expertise on window technologies, facade systems and day lighting. He is the author and co-author of 170 publications, 3 books, and holds 2 patents. Additionally, Stephen is a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Fenestration Rating Council and currently serves on the advisory of a number of efficiency initiatives such as the Green Lights Daylight Program in New York City and the Zero Emissions Building Program in Norway. Stephen holds a BA in Physics from Harvard College and a MFA in Environmental Design from California Institute of Arts, and is the recipient of many prestigious awards in the building science industry.

Dinner Cruise on San Diego Bay

Join us as night falls for an evening of cocktails and cuisine aboard a luxary yacht.

The cruise will allow us to enjoy San Diego's stunning skyline and the tranquil beauty of the bay.

Event organized by Ohio based FeneTech Inc.

GPAD is presented by FeneTech, Inc., developer of FeneVision MAX ERP software with offices in Ohio and Luxembourg and hundreds of installations globally. For nearly 20 years, FeneTech has delivered and maintained integrated software tools that have enabled glass processors and window and door manufacturers to outshine their competition. Learn more at

Sponsor Profiles



FeneTech, Inc. develops and markets the industry's leading software ERP system FeneVision MAX ERP for glass processing companies, providing implementation, training, and support services. FeneTech has been honored as a Best Emerging Technology Company in northeast Ohio and was a recipient of the US Glass Magazines Readers Choice Award for software in 2014. FeneTech, formed in 1996, serves an emerging worldwide customer base with offices in Ohio and Luxembourg.

IGE Glass Technologies

IGE Glass Technologies Inc. is North America’s leading "Single Source" for glass fabrication equipment, spare parts, tooling, service, laminated materials and general glass supplies. With exclusive distribution agreements representing 15 glass equipment manufacturers and over 75 manufacturers of supplies, materials and parts, IGE constantly searches the world over for highly focused machine/equipment and supply manufacturers that specialize in just one area of the glass industry. Since 1993, IGE has excelled at reaching their goal in bringing to market innovative solutions that automate, integrate, and reduce labor, handling and waste, while increasing production and profits for our customers.


LandGlass from Luoyang China is a worldwide leader in the glass industry for innovation and automation in the world of glass tempering. After a mere fourteen years, and with the help of North America’s IGE Glass Technologies, Inc., LandGlass has grown to be one of the most popular suppliers for tempering furnaces in North America, and one of the largest manufacturers of glass tempering furnaces in the world. Shipping a furnace every day of the week, LandGlass is known for leading the way in technology with many of the industries innovations including Bi- Direction bending furnaces, full top and bottom "Jet" convection furnaces, and now the new "Cyclone" tempered convection technology. Created to support LandGlass's newest innovation, "LandVac", Vacuum Insulated Glass production lines (VIG). In 2016, LandGlass will market "LandVac" for the production of Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) production lines, which will be available for the North American market exclusively from VIG Technologies, Inc ., a newly formed (2016) company by Michael Spellman Founder and President of IGE Glass Technologies, Inc.



Forel is a world leader in the design and production of machinery for industrial automation of Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) production and other glass fabrication applications such as grinding, polishing, milling & drilling, and laminated glass processing. Most recently Forel has developed and introduced a new automated high-speed flexible spacer IGU processing line to meet the increased productivity, quality, and capacity requirements of the window & door industry in North America. Forel is based in Treviso, Italy and was established in 1976 and will celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary in 2016. Forel also operates a wholly owned subsidiary in St. Paul, MN for Service, Parts, and Sales to the North American market.


Well known in the world as "the Blue Solution", Forvet from Torino Italy, is one of the most popular machinery suppliers in the world. In fact, 70 percent of the attendees at the previous two GPADs own Forvet equipment. Forvet was created over 25 years ago by siblings Davide and Paola Gariglio when they introduced the famous "Francesca" CNC drilling and milling machine at Glastec in Germany. Soon after, they teamed up with IGE Glass Technologies Inc. for a successful future in North America. Forvet has continued year after year in creating new " Blue" innovative and automated solutions. This year is no exception as Forvet will introduce yet more new solutions for automated "high output/small space automation," making the most out of every square foot of the work place and using the least amount of labor, glass handling and waste.

Diamon-Fusion International (DFI)

Founded in 1997, California-based Diamon-Fusion International (DFI Nanotechnology) manufactures hydrophobic protective coatings and ultra-efficient machinery applications systems. DFI distributes a variety of products designed for the restoration, protection, and maintenance of glass, granite, ceramic tile, porcelain, and stainless steel surfaces, whether applied in the factory, shop, or field. DFI has locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


SoftSolution, represented by FeneTech in North America is an industry leader in the innovative development of digital image processing, measuring systems, and quality control systems for glass. This system is currently the most innovative and accurate non-camera based technology of its kind on the world market - high performance scanning technology combined with powerful software.

Vitrosep, S.L.

Since 1992, Vitrosep, headquartered in Spain, has focused exclusively on the treatment of glass fabrication recycled water. Known for producing the first truly automatic system, Vitrosep has introduced a truly innovative solution that meets the toughest goals such as true automation, super clean recycled water with no caustic additives and very low maintenance costs. The recycled water is so clean that it is capable of running through spindles without voiding warranty of CNC work stations and CNC drills. Additionally, the grinds are completely dry when they are separated, which will please even the strictest environmentalist. This solution is not a centrifuge, and not a filter press but a unique, innovative system with no moving parts...solving one of the glass fabricator's biggest challenges today.

SALEM Distributing

For over 80 years, SALEM Distributing has served the Flat Glass and Mirror Industry as a major supplier of glass processing equipment and fabrication supplies. Salem is a 100% employee owned company and our goal is to ensure your success no matter if you’re a large fabrication operation or a small specialty glass shop. Our corporate office is located in Winston-Salem, NC and we have offices and warehouses in Santa Fe Springs, CA and Toronto, Canada. Salem’s sales force and technical support staff spans the entire USA and Canada ensuring service and reliability from coast to coast. In addition to an impressive line of machinery and material handling equipment, SALEM also carries an extraordinary line of diamond tooling and supplies. From diamond wheels and core drills to felt polishing wheels and cerium oxide polishing compounds you will find our products to be superior in performance and value.

Quanex Building Products

With a wide variety of innovative products, ranging from vinyl window and door profiles to insulating glass spacers, Quanex Building Products provides advanced solutions that meet the needs of building professionals—backed by personalized technical expertise, marketing tools and support, and industry-leading R&D.

TSS Sales & Service

TSS Sales & Service represents leaders in glass fabrication equipment from around the globe. TSS takes knowledge gained in hands on glass fabrication experience and expertise to provide manufacturing solutions to the industry. TSS Sales & Service understands their products and works individually with each customer to form unique solutions, building relationships that result in more efficient and more profitable outcomes for their customers.


CMS North America, established in 1987, following its introduction in the US market in 1981, expanded its presence in the North American market with over 1400 CNC machining centers and systems installed throughout the Unites States, Canada, and Mexico. These machining centers, helping to drive the production of North America’s leading companies, are delivered from CMS’ four industrial divisions: Advanced Materials, Wood, Stone and Glass.

Beijing Hanjiang

Hanjiang is a world leader in the manufacturing of super high quality automated insulated glass equipment. In just ten years time, Hanjiang has placed thousands of complex automated IG lines in over 60 countries. Now Hanjiang is excited to announce their new automatic seaming line, capable of seaming 3 millimeter to 19 millimeter glass at high speeds with perfect quality, utilizing diamond wheels and no sanding belts.


Techni Waterjet

Headquartered in the "land down under," TECHNI Waterjet manufactures high-quality automated waterjet systems for the worldwide glass industry. With manufacturing facilities now in the United States, TECHNI has developed an outstanding reputation for innovation, automation, reliability and top service and parts availability. The "Glassmaster" model has been designed specifically for the very tough abrasive waterjet environment. It uses a minimum of moving parts, which have been manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. This ensures the ongoing reliability of the TECHNI machines for many years to come.


EVguard is a cross-linking EVA film manufactured in Germany by Folienwerk-Wolfen one of the world's leading specialists in multi-layer extrusion technology. This film has been specially designed for the glass Industry for internal and external use and can be manufactured using any existing laminating equipment.  Its strength, elasticity, clarity and durability set it apart from the competition and will challenge any of its rivals. Using evguard in combination with our own manufactured MPE films will give superior advantage in the manufacture of high performance products.


Mappi is the Italian leader manufacturer of tempering furnace, high quality tempering systems for the glass industry that stand out for their technologically advanced design and construction and simple use. Active in both national and international markets thanks to its long standing knowledge and experience in safety glass, using some of the most sophisticated technological innovations and maintaining high standards of quality. ATS J is the latest product . It is one of the world's largest furnace for tempering flat glass. The machine is designed to meet all the needs of the market , and temper glass sheets larger. The project related to the new ATS J is truly ingenious: it promoted the creation of a new range , corresponding to the new needs of the construction market. It is also the result of the hard work of an italian design department, in which Mappi always invested and bet.


Since 1985, Turomas-Tecnocat has been manufacturing heavy duty, innovative glass handling systems and cutting lines. Focused on a high level of automation, Turomas-Tecnocat has become the industry leader for all levels of glass cutting and glass handling. With a strong focus on use of the highest quality materials along with the latest electronic technology, Turomas-Tecnocat has achieved a reputation for reliability, automation and innovation.


AVACO is a global supplier of thin-film processing equipment that specializes in sputtering (PVD) vacuum deposition equipment (in-line, cluster, and roll to roll type) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment. In addition to the thin-film technology, AVACO provides full turnkey solution with various BEOL and factory automation equipment such as clean stocker, clean crane, and overhead transfer system for large-scale substrate including architectural glass. Derived from the expertise that is proven over a decade for delivering world class mass production PVD equipment that encompasses all aspects related to thin-film coating such as TCO, metal electrode, and dielectric layer in FPD (Flat Panel Displays) and PV (Photovoltaic) applications, AVACO is market innovator in the manufacture of architectural glass coating equipment for Low-e and Solar Control Layer System.

All Platinum and Gold sponsor companies will show presentations of their latest innovations and talk about automation and how all this technology can be integrated with modern software technology.

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