GPAD 2019 Gold Sponsors

All Platinum and Gold sponsor companies will present their latest innovations and address automation, describing how this technology can be integrated with modern software.

adelio lattuada

Adelio Lattuada

Adelio Lattuada, founded in 1978, has evolved over the years from a mere technical assistance outfit to a comprehensive manufacturer of machines for the glass fabrication industry.  Currently the company manufactures over 30 models of electronic or with PC straight line edging machines, a complete line of double edgers, over ten models of electronic or with PC straight line beveling machines featuring 7-14 wheels, four models of automatic corner grinding machines, 15 models of vertical washing machines, and a complete line of horizontal drilling machines.  These machines are characterized by their flexibility and simplicity, requiring limited maintenance.  Because of their functional planning and tightly controlled manufacturing standards, Adelio Lattuada machines avoid long and expensive machine stops.  Ninety percent of A-L customers are so satisfied with the quality of their products that they purchase a second machine. Adelio Lattuada’s products are sold in 90 different countries throughout the globe.

Ashton Industrial

Ashton Industrial is the leading manufacturer of pre-tempering machinery including the SEAMMAXX-PRO arrissing / seaming line,  the ultimate in high-performance machinery, with the ability to process up to seven random-sized lites per minute.  Ashton Industrial also features high-performance insulating glass equipment  for IG production lines that are specifically designed for traditional metal spacer frames and flexible warm-edge systems.  Additionally, glass handling products, general glass processing, and other materials for IG are all part of Ashton Industrial’s wide variety of glass fabrication products.


CMS Industries specializes in the production of numerically controlled multi-axis machining centers, thermo-forming machines,and waterjet cutting systems. With its extensive catalog of solutions, CMS Industries can successfully meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, including aerospace, military, automotive, marine, energy, construction, mechanical, eyewear, stone, glass, wood, and many more.  The machines manufactured by CMS Industries are used to build space shuttles, military and civilian aircraft; Formula One, sport, and road cars; America’s Cup boats, yachts, wind turbines, and many other products with the utmost quality and accuracy.

Diamon-Fusion International

Since 1997, Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) has been developing, manufacturing and distributing Diamon-Fusion and application machinery for architectural surfaces such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz. Diamon-Fusion significantly reduce maintenance costs, are impact and scratch resistant, and can keep surfaces looking and performing like-new forever.


Mappi is the leading Italian manufacturer of tempering furnaces, high quality tempering systems for the glass industry.  Our products stand out for their technologically advanced design and construction ease of use.  Active in both national and international markets—thanks to its longstanding knowledge and experience in safety glass—using some of the most sophisticated technological innovations while maintaining high standards of quality.  ATS J is Mappi’s latest product. It is one of the world’s largest furnaces for tempering flat glass. The machine is designed to meet all the needs of the market with its ability to temper larger units of glass.  The project related to the new ATS J is truly ingenious; it has promoted the creation of a variety of new projects and corresponds to the most up-to-date needs of the construction market. Our Italian design team, of which Mappi has always invested, is responsible for these latest creations.



With a wide variety of innovative products, ranging from vinyl window and door profiles to insulating glass spacers, Quanex Building Products provides advanced solutions that meet the needs of building professionals—backed by personalized technical expertise, marketing tools and support, and industry-leading R&D.

Salem Distributing

For over 80 years, Salem Distributing has served the Flat Glass and Mirror Industry as a major supplier of glass processing equipment and fabrication supplies. Salem is a 100% employee owned company and our goal is to ensure your success no matter if you’re a large fabrication operation or a small specialty glass shop. Our corporate office is located in Winston-Salem, NC and we have offices and warehouses in Santa Fe Springs, CA and Toronto, Canada. Salem’s sales force and technical support staff spans the entire USA and Canada ensuring service and reliability from coast to coast. In addition to an impressive line of machinery and material handling equipment, Salem also carries an extraordinary line of diamond tooling and supplies. From diamond wheels and core drills to felt polishing wheels and cerium oxide polishing compounds you will find our products to be superior in performance and value.

Schiatti Angelo & DeGorter Inc.

Since 1950,  Schiatti Angelo has manufactured machines for the glass processing industry.  The ideal partner for glassworks big and small, Schiatti manufactures straight and double grinding, straight beveling, automatic corner, drilling, and glass loader/unloader machines.

Having served the industry for over 90 years, DeGorter, Inc., Schiatti’s US partner, are the experts for the domestic float glass industry. With an established network, DeGorter, Inc. is able to provide the highest quality products, ensuring the value of their clients’ finished products. Founded in 1922, DeGorter, Inc. is one of the oldest companies operating in The United States glass industry.  DeGorter, Inc. works to present reliable solutions and their experience allows for solutions designed to meet any specific need.


SoftSolution, represented by FeneTech in North America is an industry leader in the innovative development of digital image processing, measuring systems, and quality control systems for glass. This system is currently the most innovative and accurate non-camera based technology of its kind on the world market – high performance scanning technology combined with powerful software.



TSS Sales & Service represents leaders in glass fabrication equipment from around the globe. TSS takes knowledge gained in hands on glass fabrication experience and expertise to provide manufacturing solutions to the industry. TSS Sales & Service understands their products and works individually with each customer to form unique solutions, building relationships that result in more efficient and more profitable outcomes for their customers.